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5 October 2016
Universiade venues commissioned 2 months ahead of schedule

Three new facilities were built specifically for the Universiade (“Almaty Arena” with 12 000 capacity, “Halyk Arena” with 3000 capacity, Athletes’ Village with 5000 capacity) which were commissioned 2 months ahead of schedule with the involvement of only local companies in construction.



It is the first time in Kazakhstan the naming concept was used to name the Universiade venues, (commercial naming of the venue from sponsorship contributions) Ice Arena with 3000 capacity received a new name “Halyk Arena” through its partnership with “Halyk Bank”.


After commissioning the Athletes’ Village in Alatau district, Almaty will receive a new micro district with rich infrastructure which complies with the concept of polycentric development program of Almaty until 2020. In turn, convenient location and neighborhood with new sport complex “Almaty Arena” and “Alatau” concert hall will attract guests from all over the city and country.


Total budget of the Universiade was optimized twice and amounts 17.8 billion tenge. Despite the devaluation, the cost of the Universiade venues construction did not increase. The budget was adjusted due to optimization but with remaining of all sports functions.


The Mayor’s office of Almaty created “Almaty Sports Constructions Directorate” which in the framework of the Universiade legacy program developed a program of accessibility of Universiade facilities for residents of Almaty after staging the sporting event.



“Almaty Arena” with 12000 capacity – the biggest multifunctional sporting complex in Central Asia, new world class arena which will be used to hold the Opening and Closing ceremonies, as well as the Universiade competitions, such as figure skating and curling.

The most important feature of the sporting complex is its multifunctionality. The arena is built with the perspective of its large-scale use after the Universiade and designed with the possibility of transforming the ice rink into courts for volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, etc. A special technology used to cover the ice rink allows to make it happen.

Technical equipment of the complex allows to hold large-scale concerts and is capable to attract 600 000 attendees annually.




“Halyk Arena” with 3000 capacity – ice hockey competition is planned to take place at this venue. “Halyk Arena” is built with the perspective of staging the cultural and entertainment events. The special equipment can be provided for that purpose. It is estimated that the arena will attract about 150 000 attendees annually.




Athletes Village – consist of 14 buildings and 3 blocks placed in the form of letter “U” (Universiade). According to architectural idea, all objects form an image of sun god known from the ancient rock paintings.

The main administrative center is located between 14-storey residential buildings which includes operational block where during the Universiade – FISU office, dining room for 1000 people, resting room will be located. It will also include Museum of traditional musical instruments with the use of interactive technologies.